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    Daria Sidorchuk in One Perfect Day 



    This was probably the fastest one i’ve made so far. I made this in 12 minutes, just messing around in photoshop. But anyways, i wanted to stick to the simple, non-gradient, and clean look. I really like this one, so hopefully you do too. I don’t have an example of what it would look like with a gradient, but i’m sure it would still look nice. I changed the color of the texture by holding CTRL + U, and then you can slide the hue tab to whatever looks best with your image or gif. There’s also different watercolor textures here. As always, everything is neatly organised and easy to edit.

    .・゚゚・ WHAT YOU WILL NEED: ・゚゚・.
    • 114x115 image or gif.
    • "Jellyka Western Princess" font // download it here.
    • "Znikomit" font // download it here.

    Do not redistribute anything in my psd file without asking or including a credit.

    Like or reblog is you’re using or planning to use.

    If any questions or concerns or maybe even suggestions for my next character graphic, don’t hesitate to contact me.



    So I decided to make a small masterlist of all the photo sites I use and the editing systems I know of. There’s not a lot, but most are pretty useful and well stocked with photos. Hopefully this helps some of you guys in finding photos and editing!

    Photo sites

    • WeHeartIt

    ↳ Good tags to look through:delicateanaloggirl in forest.

    ↳ Good users to look through:DzenanaBiancaHeadacheboyAlbertJ,SzzsAmmaraDeer Des BoisVeraBonus: my account.

    • Tumblr

    ↳ Good tags to look through: delicateblack and white.

    ↳ Good blogs to look through: OrbitaeAlignings0bscurus17seas,Cearum,

    ↳ Good lists to look through: transparent blogsart blog.
    • Flickr
    ↳ Good users to look through:LauramakabreskuMatrix2305,BoklmMountainsofrandom.


    ↳  Movie trailers:A-LM-Z

    Editing software + sites


    h l l y w o o d h e l p e r ’ s first font pack → hollywood
    fonts that have been used for hollywood roleplays in the past

    tall dark and handsome; great shadow; shelter me; helvetica neue; one direction; simply*glamorous; xtreem fat demo; little snorlax


    Here’s a list I made of different types of connections and relationship dynamics that can be used in roleplays. Some of them are very basic, while others are a little more specific. These are meant to give you some ideas for connections between characters, whether it is while writing the bios or while plotting during the rp. I’ve separated the connections in to four different sections under the cut.  

    Read More


    Gradients pack (most used in my psds)  #01 by artcolorings, like or reblog if you download, please (It’s very important).>Respect my work.<   Enjoy <3.  


    IKOLWRITES; 9th character psd // PRETTY IN PINK.

    i worked on this for three days, no kidding. everything from the base to the psd is mine and it took a while to bring everything together, so please don’t steal this. anyway, it looks complicated but it’s simple to use, it also has a b&w option. everything is in groups and labeled accordingly. the fonts used were, neou (tt) and ginnette. 
    • do not steal/redistribute.
    • making an exact copy and claiming it as yours, is still stealing.
    • wait a sec, download it here.


    This is my tutorial of how to make a moodboard. Sorry for the shit quality, and sorry for how boring I make it look, but to be honest, it really is boring as fuck to do, so.


    I thought I’d go into Photoshop and make an example of how you can incorporate four different colours into one theme, without it looking busy or make your eyes explode.

    The way this is done is by not only making sure that all colours are compatible without one another, but also to leave the colours as accents. Much of this theoretical theme is made up of neutrals - black, grey, and white (mind you, browns are neutrals too). This is what will make sure that your design doesn’t look busy. You can use as many colours as you want this way, or as few (for example, my theme only uses orange and yellow), by simply making them accent the neutral colours you have.

    Also note that there’s a fair balance between neutrals - this makes that there’s depth to the design, and makes it more interesting to look at in contrast to, say, if the grey background were to be a similar shade as the light black sidebar.

    If you want to use a gradient map on the icon/sidebar graphic (see, the turquoise area), you can add this without making things seem “monochrome” (trust me, statistically, monochrome is a bad way to webdesign, either by going all black-and-white or all one colour).

    I like the idea of colour schemes, but I thought I’d show everyone how one ought to use colour schemes in practice. So here you go.



    Theme 98 by BritishrobertStatic Preview / Pastebin or FreetxtHost

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